Quick And Dirty Program

Quick and Dirty Program:

Are you a busy woman with an already packed schedule? Does your own self-care always seem be the last thing on the list?

Then this one-month nutrition and lifestyle re-vamp is for you, babe!

Let’s get your sh*t together and get you feeling and looking like your best, beautiful self! Ow, ow!

Do you feel like you know how to eat healthily in theory, but who the hell has the time? With work, family, and all of life’s commitments, who has time to spend all morning at the farmer’s market, go to yoga classes, or make meals from scratch?

If you want to make a change but are not sure where to start, and you want measurable, lasting results, this program is for you!

This 1-Month program will change the way you look at food and lifestyle!

You’ll go from frazzled to vibrant!

Dragging-ass to energetic!

Discouraged to hopeful!

Feeling lost to being supported and empowered!

You will learn:

  • Simple, healthy recipes that are fun and easy to make and pack maximum nutrition in a small amount of time.
  • How food works in your body and why certain foods are addictive – ie. it is not your fault that you overeat certain foods!
  • What items and brands to buy at the grocery store.
  • How to prepare simple, easy, delicious meals and snacks at home.
  • Smart tips for success in eating-out at restaurants and parties.
  • Quick and easy yoga and meditation routines to relieve stress and increase energy, focus, and flexibility.

Let’s start now. Let’s take you from busy, stressed and eating whatever is around, to centered and prepared with a stocked fridge and a fresh outlook on your week!

Let’s scootch ya on over, from rushed and frazzled to calm and energized. With new, simple and effective morning and evening routines to regularly detox and nourish your body and relax your mind.

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