Evolve and Attune

Evolve and Attune Program:

Do you remember what it used to feel like to be energetic and healthy, and want so much to feel that way again! Maybe you feel so out of touch with your body you don’t even know where to begin? May this fatigue, weight gain, bloat, and skin issues are all just part of getting a little older, or part of your genetics?   

Maybe you are a busy Mom, career woman with a lot on her proverbial plate and worry you don’t have time to revamp your entire lifestyle. Maybe you think it would be selfish to spend time and money on “just yourself” when other people (work, family, friends, etc) need you!

Do you want to make healthy lifestyle changes but feel discouraged at all the conflicting information that is out there? Would you ideally like to make some changes, but diets feel unsustainable and unpleasant- like a freakin form of punishment?!? Besides, who the hell has the time?!

If you are ready to make changes that are small, subtle but powerful and meaningful…. changes that will last, this 3-Month program is the one for you! It is a total nutrition and lifestyle overhaul!

You will learn:

  • Simple, healthy recipes that are fun and easy to make and pack maximum nutrition in a small amount of time.
  • A new morning and evening routine that will ensure a successful, loving, healthy way to start and finish each day!
  • How food works in your body and why certain foods are addictive – ie. it is not your fault that you overeat certain foods!
  • Which items and brands to buy at the grocery store.
  • How to clean out your home pantry for kitchen ease and success!
  • How to prepare simple, easy, delicious meals and snacks at home.
  • Smart tips for success in eating-out at restaurants and parties.
  • Simple, fun yoga routines and easy meditations to relive stress and gain energy and flexibility

You’ll go from overwhelmed and confused about food to confident and prepared, making healthy, nourishing choices for your body. You will have all the tools you need to create delicious, colorful meals for you and your family quickly and easily! Learning several basic strategies and taking the time to truly understand and implement them will enable you to go from stressed and drained to nourished and energized!

So you’ll actually spend less time worrying about weight and dieting, more time enjoying food and loved ones.You’ll feel confident and energized instead of drained and overwhelmed! You will rediscover your youthful zest and inspiration, making room for more fun and freedom in your life!

Get started on the path towards a healthier, happier, energetic and easeful life! Let me help! I promise, it will be more fun than you ever imagined!

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