Emotional to Intuitive

Emotional Eating

Emotional to Intuitive Program:

Do you feel tired and frustrated with your body and worry that you will be battling with your weight for the rest of your life? Are you overwhelmed by the conflicting information about food and dieting and feel like you don’t even know where to start to get healthy?

Do you eat because you are stressed, fatigued, worried, lonely, or just don’t know what else to do? Do you feel out of touch with your body? Betrayed by it…. like you can’t trust it?

Do you pray to God you’d just get Mono or a vicious stomach flu so you can finally lose that extra 10-20, or more, pounds. Or (this was always my favorite) you wish that there was a pill you could take so you could just poop it all out! Even if it was crazy painful – you’d do it without question for the promise of finally losing weight!

Maybe you’ve even forgotten what feeling GOOD and energetic feels like?

Shopping, swimming, and special events are no fun because they are a constant reminder that you feel like a failure and have no control over your own body, and in some ways, your whole life.

You don’t like how you look so you pretend you don’t care about it. You may even feel bitter towards others who are “pretty”, athletic, thin, or just seem healthy and happy. You make judgments like, “they are vain”.  But YOU don’t need to be/look/act that way because you are not vain. You are a tomboy, the funny girl who doesn’t care about cute clothes and thinks that make-up and jewelry are stupid and shallow.

In feeling all this resentment towards others, you may or may not realize it’s actually yourself you’re mad at. Because sometimes you actually want those stupid things. But it hurts because you feel like you can’t have them. You’re actually sad and scared, not mad, because you feel like everyone else deserves that stuff but you. And this weight and the shitty way you feel is what proves it. It’s the physical evidence of your failure, put out on display for everyone to see.

Do you always feel like you are fighting food and your body? Like you “sort of know what you are supposed to be doing” but have no idea how to actually do it? You know you have what it takes to make some positive changes, but you still feel stuck?

Then, this 3-Month Program is perfect for you.

We will take you from the rollercoaster of emotional eating to an all-natural way of intuitive eating that is nurturing to your body, mind, and spirit.

You will learn:

  • How food works in your body and why certain foods are addictive – ie. it is not your fault that you overeat certain foods!
  • How to really listen to what your body needs, and eat in a way that supports and nurtures it instead of depletes it.
  • The difference between authentic self-care and counterfeit self-care and how to truly care for yourself in the way you deserve.
  • Simple yoga and meditation techniques for relaxation, flexibility, and body and spirit attunement
  • A new morning and evening routine that will ensure a successful, loving, healthy way to start and finish each day!
  • Which items and brands to buy at the grocery store.
  • How to clean out your home pantry for kitchen ease and success!
  • How to prepare simple, easy, delicious meals and snacks at home.
  • Smart tips for success in eating-out at restaurants and parties.

As a result you will feel empowered and confident! You’ll be nourished and energized by your food, not enslaved by cravings or depleted by junk food! You will know what to buy, how to cook it, and when and how much to eat for YOUR beautiful body!

So you can actually enjoy your relationship with food and your body! This will transform your life, allowing you to decide what’s next… What do you really want to spend your precious time, energy, love, and focus on? Family, creativity, being outside, living and loving life? These are all great answers!

Let me help you put your best, most beautiful foot forward and start making positive, healthy changes today!

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