Hello and welcome! I'm Sarah Teeple: holistic nutrition counselor, yoga and meditation coach,and student of Ayurvedic medicine.

I help busy women simplify their complex relationships with food, find peace with their bodies, and live their best lives. Guiding them towards a natural, easeful way of living so they can be their happiest, healthiest selves!

My nutrition approach is intuitive, curious, delicious, and supportive. 

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We will integrate powerful nutrition techniques with yoga and mindfulness meditation, to melt away your stress and turn your body into your best friend and ally.  

How did I start doing this work and what makes me uniquely qualified to help YOU?

Well, here is my story: As a tried and true child of the 1980's, I was raised on processed foods, tons of TV, and was given antibiotics for every ailment. Don't get me wrong. I had an amazingly wonderful childhood! My parents were, and still are the best, most supportive people in the world (Thank you, Mom and Dad!). It was just the cultural climate of the 1980's, remember?

Thank goodness science is finally catching up with intuition, and we are getting hard evidence of the connection between food, lifestyle, and the chronic illnesses that plague us!

I was a chubby kid. Not obese, but certainly pudgy enough to get made fun of and feel the pain and shame that come along with that. I became aware of my weight and body image starting at a very young age. I saw a dietician in 3rd grade, tried SlimFast shakes in 4th grade, and Richard Simmons "Deal-A-Meal" in 5th grade. By the time I was 13 I had gone veggie for ethical reasons. I spent my teens eating lots of soy products, bread, cheese, crackers and pretzels, and fruits and veggies.

I now know that this way of eating, along with gut damage from years of antibiotics, began my high-carb blood sugar rollercoaster. This set the scene for years of yo-yo weight-loss and gain, along with much confusion about what the heck my body needed! Vegan, Atkins... I tried it all.

But the up and down cycle continued through my teens and early 20's, at times wreaking havoc on my physical and emotional health. I was trying so hard to do what I thought I was "supposed" to do! But I still felt confused, out of control, so so frustrated - not to mention still bloated and tired all the time. The worst part was I felt like it was all my fault. I felt so disconnected from my body! 

At times I thought I had it under control and would have a few supposed "good" food days in a row. Other times I felt completely isolated and self-judging, and would turn to emotional eating and binge eating to fill the void or numb out. This left my body overwhelmed yet under-nourished, my mind anxious, fearful, and always spinning, and my self-esteem seriously in question...

Then, through a journey of love and trust, nutrition education, yoga, mindfulness, and intuitive eating, I have found a place of peace and balance with my body. I got off the white flour and white sugar roller coaster, and found a nurturing diet and lifestyle that support me instead of deplete me. The catalyst was a simple but powerful realization: 


If you approach your journey with that focus you will never find peace. 

It's about self-love, self-care, and listening to the wisdom of your body. 

It's a shift at a very deep level. It is profound and empowering.

I wish this for everyone who may be struggling.

And if you want to get there I'd be honored to help you.

Let's start here and NOW.

Contact me at ladybirdholistic@gmail.com to set up a meeting today. Or call 502-693-2372