Sat Nam, beautifuls!

I am certified RYT200 in Hatha yoga. I love and respect Hatha and all styles of yoga...

But I am an especially-HUGE fan, student, and practitioner of Kundalini Yoga! I am currently deepening my knowledge and practice of this ancient wisdom, so I can bring it to Louisville and to YOU.

Here's a photo of my Asheville, NC Kundalini family at the end of an intensive Kundalini training, in September 2016!

Thank you, Sierra Hollister, Ong Kar Kaur, and Asheville Yoga Center, for an amazing experience!  

I was also privileged to teach at the first annual MYPATH to Freedom 2016, an amazing yoga retreat, at Terrapin Hill Farm! Here are some of the pics that capture the magic of the people and the practice there. 

This was a Kundalini-style practice - a kriya to open the heart center, increasing feelings of love, openness,and compassion - YES YES YES. Sat nam, and wahe guru.