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You are not just "what you eat". You are what you absorb and assimilate!

Here's a quick and easy ginger pickle recipe to boost your agni (digestive fire), and create a healthy gut environment. This helps you absorb and assimilate more nutritional value from your food!

"What is Ayurveda, part 1" A quick and dirty intro to this ancient Indian healing medical system. Natural, holistic, intuitive, effective. 

Filmed at my home, after waking at 4:30am, brimming with excitement to share my studies with you! It's pretty DIY. No frills, and no make-up - as you can clearly see! 

"What is Ayurveda? Part 2" 

Diving more deeply into this ancient wisdom tradition which honors mind, body, and spirit. Introducing concepts of dosha, guna, and prakruti, and vikruti. 

Please reach out to me at for any questions or to scheduled consultant find out about your Ayurvedic dosha and how to support it through nutrition and lifestyle solutions. 


Easy crackpot lentil veggie soup, a.k.a. Kitchari, a staple dish in Ayurvedic cooking.

This is a super quick and easy one-pot meal that is delicious and SO healthy.

Great for digestion, and great for all doshas. 

Friends! I am so excited to announce my continuing education in an Ayurvedic Wellness Counseling Program! I'm currently an enthusiastic student at the Asheville School of massage and Yoga.

I'm about 2/3rds of the way through the program, and deepening my holistic health knowledge and beginning to bring it into my counseling practice - a.k.a. bringing it to YOU!

Studying under esteemed teachers, herbalists, and Ayurvedic practitioners such as Vishnu Dass and Indu Arora.

Check them out in the links below! They are wonderfully knowledgeable.

Vishnu's website here - Blue Lotus Ayurveda

Indu's website here - Indu Arora Her book: "Mudra, The Sacred Secret" is amazingly beautiful!